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I am 47 and many years away from retirement unlike my lovely co-worker Lynn. I am married and have two children, both girls and both very active in dance and sports. What is my motivation to do this? Probably vanity is the number one reason, followed by the health benefits and the desire to keep up with the wife and kids when we do physical activities together in this incredible province.

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I would like to lose around 25 pounds as well and gain some muscle though would be totally happy keeping the same weight and replacing the fat with muscle!

For physical exercise, currently I am pretty sedentary. For the past few years I have been doing martial arts once a week for about an hour. Lately that has changed to alternating weeks with the other week at a family fitness class organized by UBC. It is a cool concept, a family of up to four can take the class together regardless of ages which is a hard thing to find in this city unles you hire a personal trainer.

Also walk twice a week for around 2 hours total at a moderate/fast pace after dropping the kids off at one of their dance/swimming classes.

Some stats:

Height: 6’1

Weighed in on February 11, 2106. 205 lbs

Goal weight by end of 2016: 190 lbs

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