And April ends.

Last April entry. Finally!


I haven’t done too well this month,  although I have kept up with the exercise (more or less), drinking…water, drinking WATER, and not eating after 8:00.  The food was an issue (really, when ISN’T it) – too many activities this month – school reunions, girl’s dinners……  I know, excuses, excuses (but they’re good ones!).   I am motivated going forward, next month, new month, new mindset.

And April ends. Lynn's Journals

Dean will write about this in more detail, but pretty much our whole office is doing a health challenge.  We have all been measured, poked and prodded by a professional (too much fat to pinch on most of us).  The challenge goes for four months when we will be remeasured and compare the “then to the now”.  We are on teams and the idea is to encourage your team members to make healthy choices.  It must be working because today in the office, someone brought oranges for our treat table – usually it is donuts or cake. This healthy thing may take some getting used to after all 😉 Also, as when Dean and I started this challenge, I sent a quick note to Best Health magazine explaining what we are doing including this web address – it was in this month’s issue (Great magazine by the way (  There’s nothing better to keep you motivated than being accountable to your office but also to the entirety of Canada!


See you in May!

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