And it finally clicks

As the first week of May concludes, I am feeling inspired and feel like I have had a change in mindset and it is all clicking together.

Dean had previously written about the clinical trial being done through Pharmaceutical Sciences where they measured our blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.  My blood pressure and cholesterol were fine.  Weight was high but border line for qualifying for the study but I asked to participate as it means 9 times in a year I have to go over and be weighed and measured (yippee!).

Yesterday was my first official weigh in and I am down 2.5 lbs.  HAPPY DANCE!!  Not much but it is a move in the right direction.

So update to my previous goals:

Water intake is where it should be.  It is funny how a checkbox is a motivator but I found a Hydration Challenge on Pinterest (where would be without Pinterest?) which I keep on my desk.  I am in week two and am drinking my quota daily.

Workouts:  I have been working out at least 4 times a week with a mixture of cardio and weights.  I have been trying to follow the workout given to us in our office challenge.  It will build muscle which means the scale might not move down as quickly but the measurements will change.  At least hopefully.

Yoga:  Back up to at least once a week. Namaste!

No eating after 7 – no problem (wine isn’t food right?).

And I am still working on what I am eating but am really motivated now.  Even seeing the scale just drop that 2.5 lbs gives me incentive.  As I have written before, I am a chocolate addict and would usually have a chocolate bar a day.  Still eating my chocolate but have halved it.  BUT as I have no control, I take half my chocolate bar and then give it to a co-worker who locks it away until the next day.  How immature but at least I know if it is not in my desk, I won’t eat it all. We’ll see how that goes moving forward – I may end up wrestling my coworker if I have a bad day.

When I was keen in March, I registered for a 5 km walk/run which is tomorrow.  The Shopper Drug Mart Run for Women I sort of haven’t actually started the training for it but will go out and to quote NIKE ‘JUST DO IT’.  If nothing else, I will have a lovely 5 km walk through Pacific Spirit Park at UBC on a beautiful, sunny May day.


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