Apr ’06: Abs for April

Saturday, April 30th – April Reflections

This month was a lackadaisical farce in my opinion for my fitness and health goals. Ok, am doing ONE or TWO things a week but daily incorporation of a healthy lifestyle where I get off my ASS is sadly lacking.

Daily workouts: Nadda, maybe 1-2x a week

Food: Healthy meals with snacking on unhealthy stuff in between. Eating toast/etc with typically, peanut butter and honey before bedtime.

What am I going to do about it? Tomorrow is May, I will prevail, I am the only one keeping me back, do it dude.

Wednesday, April 20th

Since two is misery and more than two is really awesome when you are doing healthy things, Lynn and I sparked a Health Challenge at work. Really well accepted even though the concrete details on the challenge are a little vague, heh. Anyway, everyone had caliper measurements done and Lynn and I had them redone as the caliper tool was a different shiny model so we wanted to be consistent. Sam Macdonald, came by this week and we were all scheduled in.

My measurements were..

Sunday, April 17th

This afternoon we had a family fitness session at UBC. It was the last session of this set so she brought some games like twister that were fun to play as well as a sprint tic-tac-toe game which would be a fun outdoor thing to play. Not the best cardio workout, sorta disappointed with that but some of the stretching on those big inflated yoga fitness balls was tough! Seriously, I was rolling all over the freaking place. This whole core strength is ridiculous. Other people looked like graceful ballerinas doing the moves, I looked like a sea walrus rolling around a buoy and flopping into the ocean when it tipped.

No videos of that, I’m not that much of a masochist.

Saturday, April 16th

The big day was here, we had a Dojang session booked with Robert in the late afternoon and we hoped to find out if we had all passed the belt test from previous weeks. Yes! All of us achieved blue belt and notable mention to Emma, my oldest daughter, who scored almost a perfect score and got a coveted black-striped blue belt. We were extremely proud of her and all of us for the effort it has taken to get to this point. Each of us had the opportunity to review our scores, I scored 89/100 which is my best score yet. The girls were in the 90’s. Girl power!

Apr '06: Abs for April Dean's Journals

Passed the blue belt test!

After bowing in with our new belts, we started the training session and wow, it was tough. Some of the new moves on the next red belt level need a lot of conditioning and flexibility, my weakest points. Really need to focus, have been slacking on these areas totally.

Friday, April 15th

While Granville Island can get a little stale after visiting it every week for a few years, it is always nice to have instant access to fresh produce and meat while just killing time. Had the taco salad again (like as in EVERY week) and we went for a walk around the seawall making it to Cambie Street bridge before we turned back to the Island. Some street artist had done a quick edit of the bicycle/pedestrian sign which I happened to notice. Good imagination!

Apr '06: Abs for April Dean's Journals

Street art on seawall between GI and Cambie St

Sunday, April 10th

Shlepped (is that a word) the girls out to Burnaby, one to the picture-perfect Shadbolt Centre for the Arts by Deer Lake and the other to a Peak Invitational dance competition at Michael J Fox Theatre. Signed in Emma to the Cecchetti Society workshop and then walked around Deer Lake. Boats were out lazily being paddled around, ducks quacking, birds tweeting, it was like nature overloaded.

Apr '06: Abs for April Dean's Journals

Deer Lake view from Shadbolt Centre

Apr '06: Abs for April Dean's Journals

Expansive lawn  from Shadbolt Centre to the lake

On Saturday and Sunday we were back and forth from Vancouver to Burnaby several times and finding a decent lunch that was good and healthy was my assigned priority. Surprisingly this was very easy! Just minutes away from the Michael J Fox Theatre which is attached to a big high-school there is a Japanese restaurant that is open for lunch and dinner called Makoto Japanese Restaurant.

Apr '06: Abs for April Dean's Journals

Makoto japanese restaurant burnaby bc (photo: tripadvisor.ca)

Generally the reviews of the food on Zomato were favourable but several people had a issue with the Japanese sushi chef/owner being very gruff and not customer service friendly. We ordered take-out and that went well, when we picked up he was on the gruff side but it was ok. Not sure if our impression would have been different if we had dined in. It was a little odd he ran the sushi bar, handled the orders and cash as well.. For food we had the basics, tuna, salmon, cucumber and avocado rolls as well as the generic california roll for me. Had a order of katsu don as well for something hot, that is a breaded pork cutlet and egg served over rice. It was for me but the girls ate most of it when I offered ‘some’ to them..

Friday, April 8th

On behalf of ORS, submitted an applicaton to the UBC Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program. The Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program (HWIP) is a fund available to UBC departments and units to support grass-roots activities that promote wellbeing in the workplace. The program provides start-up funds and support for health related, sustainable initiatives and hopefully we get the $2,500 to use for our department health initiatives.

Apr '06: Abs for April Dean's Journals

UBC Yoga Club

Thursday, April 7th

Today was an interesting day. UBC Health, Wellbeing and Benefits, in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, invited UBC faculty and staff to participate in a project called CAMMPUS (Cardiovascular Assessment and Medication Management by Pharmacists at the UBC site). Lynn found out about it and we made an appointment a few weeks ago and went today.

CAMMPUS features confidential, expertly guided services provided by the UBC Pharmacists Clinic to help you find out your current level of heart health (and cardiovascular disease risk) and take steps to keep this risk as low as possible. Participants found to have an intermediate or high cardiovascular risk score will be invited to receive medication management services from a pharmacist and;

  • Set health goals and track your progress
  • See your progress measured over time, from a baseline to a final assessment
  • Attend up to six follow-up sessions with the pharmacist
  • Develop skills and knowledge to help you maintain health throughout your life
  • Work with the pharmacist to keep your physician informed

Cool stuff! I was evaluated and was not in intermediate or high-risk so was not eligible for the study recruitment. The information I got, including cholesterol and Body Mass Index readings were great info though.

My cholesterol readings were:

  • TC = 4.35 Optimal is < 5.2
  • HDL = 1.18 ‘Good’ is between 1 and 1.6 for a male
  • TRG = 2.24
  • LDL = 2.14 ‘Bad’ optimal is between 2.6-3.3
  • non-HDL = 3.17
  • LDL/HDL = 1.8

My Body Mass Index (BMI) was 27.3, optimal is 18.5-24.9 with high-risk at 30 and less than 18.5

Today Lynn and I also set up a health/fitness challenge for the ORS, UILO, ORE and SPARC offices where we will have health assessments done by Sam for everyone that joins and then have monthly goals with a 3 month followup assessment and team and individual goals. Hoping to get some door prizes donated and the office is going to sponsor towards it as well. Should be fun!

Tuesday, April 5th

This was quite a week, Lynn and I arranged for Sam Macdonald, a BHK, Kinesiologist and personal trainer, to come and do caliper measurements on us and work on a weight-training program to start off on. We have a executive gym in our building and used that.

My program is here. He was very patient with us and went through all the exercises to show us the proper form. The stiff-legged deadlift was tough for me to do properly!

Apr '06: Abs for April Dean's Journals

Calipers and my fat tummy



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