April is spring and the time of new beginnings…..

The last two weeks of March were crazy busy.  Not just making excuses but things like a work audit that happens every 3 years, out of town company, a week holiday……  so it was a good opportunity to see what stuck with the changes I tried to incorporate into my lifestyle:

  • Walking 10,000 steps – check
  • Drinking water daily – check
  • Not eating after 7:00 – check (other than a few nights when we were out to dinner)
  • Regular exercise – half a check. Did not manage three times a week but it did not disappear completely
  • Yoga – NO check. Not once.  So we know where I need to try a bit harder

But now, after making those little changes, it is time for some bigger changes.  The month of April will be focusing on giving up the white stuff – white flour, white rice and white sugar.  The exception will be when we are out to dinner but for day to day life – no pasta, no baked goods, no rice.   The hardest of the three will be the pasta.  You would think the baked good would be hard, especially as I am eating a Blue Chip cookie http://devl.ams.ubc.ca/at-the-sub/food/blue-chip-cookies/ (Blue Chip cookies are a UBC staple) but pasta is such a staple of our diet that I think it will be the toughest.  Notice that I did not say I was giving up chocolate.  Lindt Dark Chocolate Chili bar is my weakness and I pretty sure there is some sugar added but can’t do it all or it definitely won’t work!

Rather than a weekly challenge, as this one will be tough, this will last the month of April.  I will report!April is spring and the time of new beginnings….. Lynn's Journals

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