As May winds down

This write up is going to be all over the place as it is three weeks’ worth of entries in one.  What I am learning quickly is whatever is happening in your life affects your food intake, water intake and your exercise program. Who knew that eating your feelings was a real thing?!

So first off, when I last wrote, I was about to do the 5 km Shopper’s Drug Mart Run for Women. I have to say I am very proud of myself. It was a walk/run and I was probably 50/50. I pushed myself and did come 29/88, but admittedly, a lot of those 88 would have been out for a leisurely stroll with friends.  But I am proud of myself – very proud of myself because the friend I was doing this with had to cancel at the last minute and rather than just blowing it off (which I would have done even a month ago) I still went.  That in itself is a huge achievement, and I’ll take the pats on the back for that one.As May winds down Lynn's Journals

The following weekend was a girl’s weekend in beautiful Kelowna. Admittedly, there were a few chips and a few beverages consumed but it was kept in check pretty well. The positive was that I made sure I got my 10,000 steps in daily – I may have been carrying a wine glass but I was still walking!

The following week I ended up being away again as my father passed away (this blog was to be about fitness and health but everything seems to affect it) so diet was not planned and exercise fell by the wayside and is still not back up to track. But after the last weigh in, I am definitely more aware of everything I put in my mouth.

As May winds down Lynn's Journals

In a recent post, I mentioned how our website was mentioned in Best Health magazine. People obviously read it as I have been getting some emails with suggestions, products and good wishes.  That is so inspiring so do keep it coming. Every comment is motivational, so thank you.

So as the month of May comes to an end, I  will hopefully get back on track.  My next official weigh in with the Pharmaceutical Sciences program is June 7th (just before I head to Europe) so hopefully it will be positive.

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