As September ends

Unfortunately (for my waist line), my husband Bob had a conference in San Antonio which I just HAD to accompany him to. It was a lovely week and, as many of you might know, one of the best things about San Antonio is the food.  Huevos Ranchero for breakfast everyday.  EVERY. DAY. We found this great place that is open 24 hours and has been open since 1941 – – check it out if you ever get there!

As September ends Lynn's Journals

Being in Texas, I also had to eat beef, it’s like a rite of passage there.  Had to have at last two steak meals: one at Biga on the Bank ( and the other at Bella on the River (  Both were great.  Had the best bottle of wine ever at Bella. It was called Caravan – I almost needed a caravan to get back to the hotel after that night – ha ha.  Need to try to track that down here.


As September ends Lynn's Journals

So why I am talking about food and travel when I am supposed to be talking about getting fit?  Maybe because it is more fun. OK, who are we kidding, it IS more fun!


Right now, the entire family is doing a 5 day cleanse.  Not sure how my son talked us into it but we are on Day 2. It is a cleanse with a lot of food so it is not like you are starving.  Basically you are giving up sugars, white flours, dairy, alcohol, coffee. WHY DID I AGREE TO THIS?  I was not keen on giving up the caffeine but so far so good (I’m not shaking, you’re shaking!).  I will admit I have had more than the one matcha latte a day though.


Maybe it is the idea of the cleanse that re-motivated me, or maybe it was the amount I ate while in Texas, or the fact that we have the office weigh in next week, but whatever the reason, I am once again motivated!


Our work challenge that both Dean and I wrote about before comes to an end next week.  It will be interesting if those calipers and scale show any difference.   Hopefully so! If not, I blame Texas!

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