Aug 15 updates

Our office challenge is winding down and at the end of this month, we all get re-measured with those dreaded calipers.   Having a challenge as an office has been fun.   Really fun!  Not only are we all in a little better shape but it has been a great team builder.   There have been group runs, walks, stair climbing….  Hopefully this continues after the challenge ends.

I have written before about being part of the Pharmaceutical Sciences study.  I went for an official weigh in on August 9th and am officially down 9 lbs since May.  Slowly but surely.   Still can’t believe I go so public about my weight but being accountable definitely balances out my lack of willpower!

Ever since seeing the bruises on Michael Phelps people have been talking about cupping.  So I decided to try it just so I can write about it.  First impression – it HURTS.  Did my back and legs.  It is supposed to be like having the same benefits as massage.  It certainly didn’t feel like that but mind you having a massage hurts – just feels great after.  So cupping.  It hurt.  But after I admit, it did feel good.  I felt like I did have a massage.  I haven’t done enough research on it to know whether it is as helpful as they make out.   I tried it.  It felt good after the pain.  Jury is out on the benefits but I will try it again just to see.

Aug 15 updates Lynn's Journals

Still on the Olympics, how inspiring is this?  A 41 year old competing in gymnastics. WOW!

And then to take an unhealthy turn – I have discovered two new places within walking distance to my house.

Cartems Donuts.  OMG – the Salted Caramel is to die for.  And not, only do they have amazing donuts, they also sell Ernest ice cream which is also to die for.  I don’t think the four short block walk to the location counteracts the calories consumed.

and then there is DIP.  If you are a soft ice cream person this is heaven.  You pick your flavor of icecream (vanilla, chocolate or twist) and then you pick the type of chocolate you wanted it dipped in (dark, milk or white) and then you can pick toppings and drizzle.   I recommend the twist, with milk dip and salted caramel drizzle.  Not good for the health challenge but pure bliss.


Now off for another week’s vacation.  Worried about the end of month calipers – I will try to stay with the program.

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