Before & After – Amazing Body Transformations

Here are a few amazing before and after body transformation pics and vids. When people set their mind to achieving a goal they know will benefit themselves and their support group, be it family or friends, amazing things can happen.

ZenaDramaticAddict got the courage to share her weight loss journey. Lost 130 pounds in 1 year, 150 total! I hope my weight loss journey can inspire others out there struggling just as I was my entire life. I know well it isn’t easy, but It is definitely possible and you can do it too! Stay strong & never give up! Consistency is the real key to successfully losing weight! Thank you for watching~

Here is Nelly Toledo’s weight loss journey and what she did to lose 80+ pounds!

It took mrstlovely 1 year and 4 months to accomplish this..but no matter how long it your road and enjoy the climb as we will make it to our ultimate destination one day at a time one meal at a time for the rest of our lives! we can do this!! remember never give up or in! you change is waiting..knocking..waiting on you! do it today xoxo -lovely

This video talks about 3 touching weight loss success stories of strong individual who decided to the change their life by losing the extra weight and become a different person.

Andrea Pouncy Smith’s weight loss journey and lifestyle change she¬†shares with us after starting off at 278 lbs to now 169 lbs.

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