February ’06: Pushup Power

I am going to designate each month in this fitness journey to a exercise and incorporate it in to the daily exercises. Guess what? February is pushup month! My 10-Day pushup routine is a little complex to describe here so I put it in the workouts area. Suffice to say, not a good month for pushups. I did two days and then slacked off, will start near the end of Feb and go into March.

Earlier this month on BC Family Day we went skiing for the day, my post on that is here. That must have counted for at least a few days of regular exercise eh? Besides this, the usual monthly routine includes walking a few hours a week and alternating martial arts training at Dojang as well as the UBC family fitness class at the Student Recreation Centre (SRC). Our trainer there, Kat, is really fun and mixes up the sessions every time to make it varied and keep the kids (and adults!) hopping.

February '06: Pushup Power Dean's Journals

I have been using up some of my holiday time at work by taking off a bit early on Fridays and dropping off my daughter at Arts Umbrella at Quebec and 7th dance facility. We only have one car so the wife takes off with it and picks up our youngest from school near Granville St. and I pickup our grade 6er from another school at UBC with a car2go. That has worked out incredibly well for us, we would have needed a second car by now if not for the ease of access to the car2go’s in Vancouver.

On Friday the 12th, After dropping off the car2go at Granville Island, met up with my wife and we walked from the island to Kits beach and back in about an hour. Weather was nice, walking along the paths that run along the waterfront really makes you appreciate this city.  Better appreciate it, it costs a fortune to live here! Not sure the distance we walked, need to install a app on the iPhone to keep a tab since I do not have a FitBit like Lynn.

February '06: Pushup Power Dean's Journals

Walk to and from Granville Island – my crudely drawn line in red is the path we took

The seaside path is really easy to follow, if you want a great walk and get some seaside air, highly recommend this path. Bikes are allowed on it as well and it is wide enough to accommodate walkers and bikers with ease.

When we got back picked up some sushi from the sushi place in the market (ok, average quality, a tad expensive for what you get) for the girls and I had a slice of pizza and a diet coke. Usually I get the taco salad from La Tortilleria which is really good but needed a change. Also felt cheap as the pizza slice and coke is only $6. Tomoko had her usual bread and pastries from Terra Breads and brioche buns from Stuart’s bakery. Stuart’s have these mini-slider brioche buns which are great, usually get a few bags (about a dozen in a bag) and the girls have one for breakfast along with their assortment of fruits.

On Sunday, February 14th, Valentines day we had a very sweet and loving afternoon at our favourite dojo, Dojang! Sabrina did a boot camp conditioning and then we spent the last 1/3 of the session practicing our sword pattern 1 which is on our blue belt test. The girls have it down pat but I get my grip confused when switching hands on the last move in the pattern. Practice practice practice!

That evening, while the girls swam at Jericho Hill Centre with Atlantis Swimming, my wife and I walked from the centre up to the university gates entrance at Blanca and then back down to Alma street and back to the centre. Think it was about an hour walking at a brisk pace. The start is a hill so you start breathing hard right from the start.

Friday, February 19th repeated the walk from Granville Island to past the Vancouver Maritime Museum. If you are into maritime history, this museum is a great place to visit. It focuses on BC/westcoast maritime history and has some interesting exhibits with a lot of hands on things. I first visited about four years ago on a school field trip with the kids and then at a kids birthday party hosted by the museum which was a real hit with the kids. The museum party host was really fun and let the kids enjoy themselves while still being educational. They have a larger meeting/conference room which is very modern, well-lit and can probably accommodate  50-75 people easily. Very interesting setting for an event!

Saturday, Feb 20th started the 10 Day Pushup Plan version 1. The wide grip pushups are a total killer, finished all 3 sets. Repeated next day on Sunday ok then didn’t do another pushup since, hopefully will restart on the tail end of Feb.

February '06: Pushup Power Dean's Journals

Deer Lake Park on a overcast Feb day

Sunday, February 21st I had to take my kid to a birthday party in east van so decided to stay in the area and exercise and do some grocery shopping. From Nanaimo street it was about a 12 minute drive to Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. First time I visited Deer Lake it was for an event at the Shadbolt Centre which is located on an expanse of hill that runs down to the lake. Amazing setting, I heard they have day and evening concerts on the lawns overlooking the lakes during the summer, it would be beautiful to go. One day..

Anyway, parked the car off the Sperling Ave parking lot where there are boat rentals. Easy to locate, see the map for info.

It took about 46 minutes to walk around the lake at a moderate-brisk pace. Path alternates between paved and elevated wood walkways which are very easy to follow and walk along. Saw people with strollers and dogs on leash are welcome. The western side of the lake has a networks of trails through the marsh areas, looks like a haven for bird watchers.

February '06: Pushup Power Dean's Journals

Deer Lake Park – Nice walking paths

Joys of BC. 3/4 of the way around it started to rain, but was well prepared with rainjacket so not a problem. Some beautiful homes built along the shore and the hills around the lake, would be afraid to find out the price of these, especially with the insanely expensive housing market in the lower mainland right now.

Walked back to the car and went grocery shopping. Still had 45 minutes to kill so parked at Trout Lake park in Vancouver close to Nanaimo and Grandview Highway. Small park with some nice green spaces surrounding the small lake. Took only 15 minutes to walk around at a brisk pace and checked out the facilities the park had.

That evening, walked for an hour after dropping the girls off at Jericho Hill pool. It was a little over 3.16km and 3570 steps according to my app I am trying. It actually was a bit longer but I forgot to start it for the first 5 minutes. Time is off as well as I forgot to stop it when I got back to Jericho Hill! The app says an 1.25 hours, the website says 34 minutes, I need to time it separate and see if the free app ‘mapmydogwalk‘ is actually accurate for time. It seemed way more than 34 minutes!

February '06: Pushup Power Dean's Journals

Feb 21 – Jericho Hills pool to UBC and back

Friday, February 26th did an abbreviated 30 minute walk from Granville Island along the water towards Cambie Street bridge. I really need to do the pushup plan, think my chest is getting concave.



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