I need help……

You would think that since I have been doing so well and am (was) done 9 lbs that I would continue to be motivated but motivation has gone out the window.  I don’t know if I have actually put the weight back on as I am too scared to step on the scale.   My eating choices have not been good (got to love Brie and Camembert) and being holidays so much means my exercise at the gym has just not happened.

My goal is to work out everyday this week to try to get back into it as next week I am on holidays  again – in Texas – Mexican food and steak!


So if anyone actually reads this blog, now is the time I need you.  Nag me to get to the gym, grab the chocolate out of my hand….. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hopefully with September being a fresh month, I can have a fresh start.

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