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July 2016

The two weeks’ vacation was lovely.   We started in Field.  Field is a small town in Yoho Park surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.  In the 1920 – 1950’s it was a bustling town and a major hub for the CPR with a population of 500.  Now has a population of around 200 but has a great vibe.  http://www.field.ca/  My mother was born in Field and  I spent my summers here.  It is my happy place.   We did two hikes.  The first was the Hoodoos. This hike was about 6 km return.  Fairly steep in places but a hike you could do with young children. http://hikingwithbarry.com/2013/11/22/hoodoo-creek-yoho-national-park-hiking-bc

July is done Lynn's Journals July is done Lynn's Journals

The second hike ended up being over 20 km and believe it or not, I was the instigator!  We decided to hike to 6 Peaks at Lake Louise as Lake Louise is only 10 minutes from Field.  This was to be a 12 km return hike.  Once we got to the Six Glaciers Tea House (got to love a hike that has a place to buy chocolate cake!)  The tea room was built in the 1920s and supplies are still brought in on horseback.  We got to the tearoom and I thought we should do the extra 3 km return hike to Abbot Pass.  So we did.  Got back to the teahouse and had some scrumptious chocolate cake.  Started on our way back and we came to the Beehive trail which apparently is only 5 km.  So I thought we should do that for a change of scenery.  The change of scenery was beautiful but this climb was way WAY steeper than the original hike with a lot of switchback.  But worth it for the views at the top – Lake Louise looked like a little puddle.  At the top you could also see Lake Agnes so why go back the way you came when you could have another change of scenery? This time it was downhill and a couple of spots I actually sat on my bum as it was steep.   It was a grey day but the rain held off until the last kilometer.  A great day!





July is done Lynn's Journals July is done Lynn's Journals July is done Lynn's Journals

From the Canadian Rockies we headed to the Okanagan for a bit of wine tasting. The first two nights were in Kelowna.  We managed two more hikes (did I say I was impressed with myself?) Myra Canyon and Knox Mountain – not quite the hikes of the Rockies but still exercise.   We managed a lot of wineries (okay nothing to do with exercise unless you count lifting glasses (and bottles…. and cases) as an arm workout?    Some old favorites and some new ones:  The Hatch, Little Straw Vineyards, the Vibrant Vine, See Ya Later Ranch, Noble Ridge, Jackson Triggs / Inniskillin, Black Hills and Burrowing Owl.  I actually surprised Bob with a night a Burrowing Owl which was LOVELY!.   Highly recommend for a splurge night.


July is done Lynn's Journals July is done Lynn's Journals

One night at home and then off for a week at the cottage.  As we had no company this time, it was like being at a spa (well other than the chef was me).  It was a week of healthy eating and fun exercise.  I even tried paddleboarding.   Managed to get up first time and had no unexpected swims.  I don’t think I looked very graceful but I did enjoy it.

PHOTOJuly is done Lynn's Journals

And I have to comment on making small changes to try to incorporate them.  For three months (yes you read that correctly – three months) I kept a chart of water.  I would glance at it on my desk and go fill up my glass.  But it paid off!  I don’t need the chart anymore and I drink at least 32 oz of water a day.  Gold star for small successes.


July is done Lynn's Journals

Next weigh in is August 11th.  I am not sure I went down but am pretty sure I didn’t go up so that’s a good thing!

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    Great photos and trip details! Looks like a lot of fun!

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