June ’06: Jiggles in like my Belly

Week of June 27th, 2016

Continued on with the Stair challenge and this week averaged around 57 flights of stairs per day! It helped that on June 30th we climbed a mountain near Whistler! I am going to add all of the information on the Whistler trip to the July blog entry to keep it together in one place.

Week of June 20th, 2016

Sunday, June 26th: Woke up on a beautiful Sunday morning and went for a run. Hah ha! Ok, woke up to make coffee and the normal park-like quiet on weekends here was alive with the pitter-patter of runners streaming past my house with the occasional shout of encouragement from onlookers.

June '06: Jiggles in like my Belly Dean's Journals

Scotibank Half runners heading down East Mall at UBC near the start

To do my part, I staggered downstairs and took a photo, gave a ragged cheer and then went to finish the coffee and google what was happening outside.

June '06: Jiggles in like my Belly Dean's Journals

It turns out it is the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon & 5K which is known as Canada’s most scenic half-marathon (according to the bank but being in Vancouver probably is). Over 6,000 participants run past beaches and mountains, finishing in Vancouver’s beautiful Stanley Park. They even have a shuttle arranged to return the runners back to UBC once they finish, very organized!

The run supports a large number of charities. Great job Scotiabank and all the runners and volunteers that make this happen!

Run Day Schedule

7:30am Half-Marathon Start at UBC Thunderbird Arena
9:30am 5k Fun Run/Walk Start at Stanley Park Fish House
9:30–11:30am Shuttle buses from Finish back to UBC (free, but not guaranteed)
10:30am Half-Marathon Course closes
10:30am Awards Ceremony on stage at Finish Area, Stanley Park Fish House
10:30am 5k Course closes

Ok, what is a half marathon? A half marathon is a road running event 21.0975 kilometres (13.1094 miles) long, half the distance of a normal marathon. Why the wonky distance? The length of an Olympic marathon was not precisely fixed at first, but the marathon races in the first few Olympic Games were about 40 kilometres (25 miles), roughly the distance from Marathon to Athens by the longer, flatter route.

The International Olympic Committee agreed in 1907 that the distance for the 1908 London Olympic marathon would be about 25 miles or 40 kilometres. The organisers decided on a course of 26 miles from the start at Windsor Castle to the royal entrance to the White City Stadium, followed by a lap (586 yards 2 feet; 536 m) of the track, finishing in front of the Royal Box.  The course was later altered to use a different entrance to the stadium, followed by a partial lap of 385 yards to the same finish.

The modern 42.195 km standard distance for the marathon was set by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) in May 1921 directly from the length used at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London.

There you go! Blame the UK for the wonky distance! As if the UK doesn’t have enough problems without the BREXIT fiasco…

Stair challenge – going great! Averaged around 23 flights of stairs per day in week 1 and week 2 is about the same. We are heading to Whistler in a week and there is talk about hiking mountains so am taking this serious as my wife is climbing around 100-200 flights of stairs per day.

Week of June 13th, 2016

On Monday the 2nd annual UBC Peak Stair Challenge kicked off running from June 13 – July 8, 2016. Participants can pick a team to join or do on their own.

June '06: Jiggles in like my Belly Dean's Journals There are a number of different Peaks to choose from based on your fitness and activity levels or your personal goals. The average number of flights per day needed to reach a peak by the end of the month is included in the Pick Your Peak Factsheet which they sent us. This helped us determine which Peak is right for us. I got suckered into joining the Untouchables Team which Lynn setup and my goal is climbing Mount St. Helens which is 2550 metres in height and requires climbing 20 flights of stairs over the 3 weeks.

June '06: Jiggles in like my Belly Dean's Journals Always popular, they are offering over 30 different prize items that have been donated by corporate fitness discount partners! Prizes include gym memberships (12, 6, 3-month), fitness class passes, team workshops, cool swag items, and much more! The team with the highest average points per participant at the end of the challenge also will receive a team prize!

So far this week I have averaged over 20 flights a day so am doing great!

Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Girl #2 had another Westside Dance show at the Norman Rothstein Theatre in the Jewish Community Centre on Oak and 41st close to Oakridge Mall. After the performance (she did awesome!) we came back home, had dinner and then girl #2 and wife went back for the evening show as she was dancing again. Emma and I hopped on the bicycles and biked for over an hour then got chicken wings and some other things at Save-On Foods at south campus to make dinner for tomorrow.

We biked along east mall, then past the UBC Farm down to Marine Drive and then headed back making some detours through the area checking out the condos, apartments, new parks, that are springing up there. Lovely area, if anyone wants a good realtor, Len Diaz from Royal Pacific Realty is a great guy that lives and shows place in the area. Our family has known his since the kids were in diapers and I trust he will work hard for you.

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Walked from Granville Island past the Vancouver Maritime Museum and then looped back to Burrard Street to renew the car insurance. Well, the walk was sort of like walking with cranky kids but if kids=wife you have the picture. Short story made even shorter, never made it to the insurance broker, and went back to the Island to get some food for the girls when we picked them up from dance class.

June '06: Jiggles in like my Belly Dean's Journals

There is a new place in the food court of Granville Island called Chau Veggie Express. They have a location on Victoria and this is their second location. Tropical Rainstorm Bowl was good, girls did not like it as much as me but to each their own. I think that was what it was called, never payed attention and then tried to see the menu from the pic but the writing is so small am just making a guess!

Just a tip to the owners, think you will do great but more pics of the food would really entice people to try. The counter has a centre-piece of uninspiring bowl of taro root chips and the kitchen is not visible so the only idea of the food you are getting is the few pics on the chalkboard menu.


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