March ’06: Military Month

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

This was the big day, we went for our blue belt test at Dojang. From low kicks, punching, car rolls over objects, sword pattern to rolling and kicking techniques, Robert grilled us. The night before Emma complained about not feeling well and low-and-behold the next morning full fever had set in. We were hosting the family Easter dinner so my parents came a bit earlier and looked after Emma while we went for our belt test. It was a shame she missed it, and also a shame as I have no idea if I passed! Tomoko, no prob, Mei, solid as a rock, Dean, well, I did practice more than ever before! Every night probably practiced 20 minutes or so. The sword pattern was the hardest, several distinct moves resulting in a dance-like symphony of K’ihap`s and bokan wooden swords flashing around.

In martial arts you have a short yell or shout that you utter when performing an attacking move. It is called k’ihap and is used in many Korean martial arts, such as taekwondoé. In Japanese the term used is kiai 気合 and in a traditional Japanese Dojo generally use single syllables beginning with a vowel. The concept has become a notable part of Asian martial arts in popular culture, especially in martial arts films, in writing rendered in variants such as Hi-yah!, Aiyah!, Eeee-yah!, or Hyah! (thanks to Wikipedia for the info!)

Next Saturday Emma is going to do her test with Robert and I am going to join in, maybe he will take the highest marks from the two tests for me, need to remain positive. Will continue practicing all week and try to nail the next one. Made some silly mistakes, when we are tested it is hard as we mix up the patterns instead of going 1-2-3-4 etc in the normal sequence. Makes sense as in a fight situation you need to react fast and with the most effective block or attack move. Speedy thought patterns, yup, my forté. Sigh.

After the test, we returned home and my parents and inlaws were at our place making Easter dinner, they spoil us so. Some beer and wine eased the muscles and the party was such a nice way to ease the tensions from the test. Even Mei commented she was real glad to get that over with, and she performs so many dance and gymnastics routines in competitions did not think she would be stressed from this.

Monday my whole body ached. Ouch!

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Walking over to the UBC family fitness class that runs from 1:30-2:30 bi-weekly in the Student Recreation Centre (SRC), we passed through the 2nd annual Community & Kids Festival that is part of Storm the Wall, a 30+ year UBC tradition. It was in the courtyard beside the Nest, the new UBC student centre. In celebration of UBC’s 100th anniversary this year they had some extras with a performance stage with local performing artists, facepainting, balloon artists, games, info booths and inflatables bouncy-things for the kids.

March '06: Military Month Dean's Journals

UBC Storm the Wall 2nd annual Community & Kids Festival

March '06: Military Month Dean's Journals

UBC Storm the Wall 2nd annual Community & Kids Festival

Kash had us doing all sorts of different things today at the workout, skipping, musical chairs (we used step-ups), lots of upper-body exercises and stretching. The three adult women in the class are very competitive. Maybe very is a understatement, more like extremely. As we charged around the chairs trying to beat the other person, the women never flinched when I rounded the corner and would run right into me. By the time we untangled they would be off and I would usually lose. The kids at least swerved around me!

March '06: Military Month Dean's Journals

Upper Case Blue Chip Cookies photo credit

On the way back the Storm the Wall Community & Kids Festival was wrapping up, we made a detour into the Nest to get some cookies from Upper Case which carries the awesome Blue Chip Cookies from the old SUB. I passed, but a few chunky chocolate and ranger cookies were bought. Ok, I admit, I ate a few of the leftover bits but it barely counts, or at least I am deluding myself into thinking that.

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

March '06: Military Month Dean's Journals

UBC Bodyworks Fitness Centre

UBC Bodyworks Fitness Centre in the Osborne Gym is offering a free Functional Movement Screening from March 17th to 24th, 2016. UBC BodyWorks Fitness Centre is a adult-oriented fitness facility focused on evidence-based practices that promotes health for every body and ability and is designed and run by the UBC School of Kinesiology.

March '06: Military Month Dean's Journals

Functional Movement Screen Scoring Sheet for Dean

Lynn and I went on Thursday morning and had a 20 minute assessment done by a fourth year kinesiology student. She was great, ran me through seven different movements. I really noticed the imbalance between the left and right sides as well as the weak core strength.

At the end she asked if I was interested in receiving updates about the programs by email and gave me a Bodyworks brochure. No hard sell and if you are a UBC faculty, staff or UNA member you receive a discount I think to membership and personal trainers.

With the calibre of students and reputation of the Kinesiology school I have a lot of confidence in their instruction.


Sunday, March 13th, 2016

The kids start school spring break this week, running for two long long weeks. Actually it makes our schedules a lot easier, the normal after-school running around with all their activities is really draining. Oh well, it is all worth it I guess, kids are so busy and scheduled nowadays compared to my generation.

Today was Dojang. Our trainer this week was Casper who led us through the warmup and then we focused on some of the core Dojang moves coming up on our blue-belt test scheduled for Easter Sunday. Things are going good there, Emma and Tomoko are refining their techniques, Mei has it almost down 100% and I am working on memorizing the routines and then refining, would say 80% there.

It was raining quite hard in the evening when the kids were swimming so we went grocery shopping instead. Lugging around the basket filled with heavy things was sort of a workout eh?

Friday, March 11th, 2016

45 minute walk around Granville Island and the seawall, rainy but invigorating.

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

UBC fitness with Kash. Tomoko and Mei were off at a competition so it was Emma and I. We did a circuit style workout and then played badminton which is something I haven’t done for probably 20 years. That was quite fun, none of us were that good but lots of laughs.


The reason I called this month`s post the Military Month as I had some notion of adopting a military workout and also because of the local events around the closing of the local military base 39 CBG Headquarters located in Vancouver at the Jericho Garrison on West 4th Avenue (there are not many in BC so this is big news) and the selling of the prime land it is located at. While I do not hang out at the military base, there are adjacent lands which are provincial owned that are part of the Jericho lands which were also sold, or in the process of being so. There is a community centre there that we have gone to for swimming classes since the kids were tiny and we have enjoyed the unspoiled views and nature for years.

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