May ’06: Attacking like Metallica’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’

Looking back at May

I was quite busy both at work and with the family so apologies for neglecting making any more entries for May. Did the usual long Friday walk and martial arts on Sunday for May.  Also did a long walk from Collingwood Skytrain Station to Metrotown Mall. My wife had done this a few times after dropping off our gymnast at the community centre where we does rhythmic gymnastics with Olympia Rhythmic Gymnastics for several hours on Saturday. I will try to write both about the Skytrain walking trails and RG (not as a participant but as a parent).

The office health challenge Lynn and I organized kicked off and has been great fun! Read more about it here.

Friday, May 8th, 2016

While this is a exercise, fitness and health oriented blog, sometimes other events that are happening that really need to be mentioned to keep things in perspective.

In our neighboring province of Alberta, Fort McMurray has been devastated by forest fires that have driven away the city’s residents of more than 80,000. What began as a small brush fire outside city limits has mushroomed into a inferno and is now over 10 times the size since the evacuation began on Tuesday. The people fled in a last-minute mass evacuation leaving behind most of their belongings and many lost their homes.

This video posted on youtube shows one residents evacuation from a dash cam on his truck. Flames lick the sides of the road and embers rain down on the vehicles. It is amazing how orderly the evacuation was when any second the flames could sweep across the road full of vehicles.

The fire is now so large and fierce that officials have said the fire is going to continue due to these dry conditions until significant rain comes, hopefully soon but the weather forecasts are not promising.

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and this brings real sadness. Redcross is one of many charities accepting donations to help out, donations to them are matched 100% by the Canadian government.

May '06: Attacking like Metallica's 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' Dean's Journals

Fort McMurrey Fire Size May 7th (photo:

The size of the fire in relation to the lower mainland region is shown above in the graphic provided by globalbc.

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

The BMO Vancouver Marathon takes places today, what an inspiration this event is.  BMO marathon has six events with more than 16,000 participants which is a stark contrast to the inaugural race in 1972, with only 32 runners successfully crossed the finish line! Many of the runners pass by UBC on the route, I love how these events bring all this excitement to the UBC area!

Here is a map of the race route, from the comments on the race many are saying this is one of the most scenic race routes in Canada.

May '06: Attacking like Metallica's 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' Dean's Journals

Since I need a kick in the ass, naming this journal month after Metallica is my motivator. Would James and Lars whine about doing a few burpees? Don’t think so!

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