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Lynn and I were chatting and with our focus on a healthier lifestyle which inspired this website, we though it would be fun to add in a new element to mix it up. We work in a office that has four seperate units that are co-located together in the same building and who we all work with, either very close, or at least see the people in the lunchroom. There are about 40 or so people in the units in total with a range of fitness from tree sloth to marathon runners. Ages range from mid-20’s to mid-50’s.

We approached the offices after out little brainstorm fueled by coffee with a simple email that follows:

The UILO/SPARC/ORS/ORE Health Challenge

With summer approaching it is time to get in shape. Actually, just motivation to get healthier. And we can do some team building at the same time.

Initially it was thought that it would be department vs department but then thought we should mix up the teams – maybe because most of the really fit people are not in ORS.

How it will work:

For those who are interested in participating in the challenge, we will form teams (and hopefully we have people from each department in each team). A personal trainer will come in this month and do weights and body fat ratio (This remains confidential with you and him – you do NOT share this with your team mates). Body fat ratio is being used as it can be measured more fairly – if you have less body fat, the percent difference will be measured – otherwise those who have more weight to lose are at an advantage. Then we will all be measured again in September. Team that has made the most improvements, wins. Simple as that.

The teams are to encourage each other which can be as simple as asking if they did their workout. For those who are faithful to their workouts nothing has to change. You do not have to go workout or do things with your team. Just encourage.

There will be prizes along the way as well as the prize at the end.

All that is required is to be measured and weighed this month and then in September.

If you are interested in participating in this challenge, let me know by Tuesday, March 11th, and we can see how the teams will work with the number of people interested.

Yours in health, fitness, and fun,

USOOHCC (UILO/SPARC/ORS/ORE Health Challenge Coordinator)

We were expecting maybe 15 people to join but over 30 joined, about 75% of the offices staff, totally amazing, what a group of people! Teams were randomly mixed up so no team was just made up of just one office, etc.

Sam Macdonald came in to administer the caliper tests and give each of us a personal fitness schedule. The calipers were interesting, it is a lot harder than I thought to do it and it was mildly uncomfortable getting it done, hats off to Sam for listening to our whining and explaining what he was doing.

Shortly after the tests were complete on all the team members, Sam gave us our personal measurements and out fitness workout plans..




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