Where did June go?

I knew I was behind in my blogs but did not realize I missed the entire month of June – must have been too busy exercising (ha ha).

I had my official weigh as part of the Pharmaceutical Sciences program on June 7th.  I was down another 3 pounds so over all am down 5 lbs.  I am going with the slow and steady wins the race.  My next weigh in is August 11th and Larry expects me to be down another 5lbs (we’ll see how that goes).   We also discussed exercise and Larry made me pick actual days for doing things as he said I would be much more likely to stick to things rather than saying I will cycle twice a week.  So we agreed on:


  • exercise at lunch
  • yoga


  • cycle to work (5 km each way)
  • exercise at lunch


  • yoga


  • cycle to work
  • exercise at lunch

Now I am not necessarily sticking to the days but he was right that I am more likely to do it now that I have a schedule.  With regards to the cycling to work, I borrowed a bike for Bike to Work week and I actually liked it!! I literally had not been on a bike for 40 years – I guess the saying, once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget, is actually true!!!   I do have two hills on my cycle to work and I admit freely that I walk up them.  Not sure that will change as they are big hills!

Where did June go? Lynn's Journals

I was in Belgium for a week for work, and some play, as you know, Belgium is the land of waffles and chocolates.   I am now an expert on Belgian chocolates as I tried ALL and I mean ALL the different chocolate shops.  My favorite ended up being Galler – their salted caramel was to die for.  I bought so many chocolates to bring home that I had to use the expansion on my suitcase and carry some on.  Pretty bad when you consider I didn’t buy anything else. I did however build some exercise into this work-cation, as I had to walk to all the shops and then carry the bags of chocolate back to the hotel (that’s like lifting weights right?) – I figure at least some of the calories I ingested were burned off during that time.

Where did June go? Lynn's Journals Where did June go? Lynn's Journals Where did June go? Lynn's Journals

On a side note, Flanders was amazing.

Where did June go? Lynn's Journals

Now that I’m back at work and I’m back to real life. The office Health Challenge had a two week challenge where your team had to cycle to work, climb the Wreck Beach Stairs (there are lots of them),  participate in a yoga class, go on a hike…….  And now UBC has the Stair Challenge going on.  I find these fun, team building exercises do help to get me motivated – especially when there is a chance to win prizes.  It is amazing what I will do if I have a chance to win a water bottle!


As I was so excited about my run in May, that I actually registered for another 5 km – the Run for the Cure.  Our team is the Dirty Dumpy Divas.  We would love if you either joined our team or sponsored us.  If we get ten people on our team we get a free shirt!  All funds raised go to breast cancer research. You can find us by going to this link and searching for our team



I leave for two weeks vacation on Friday so hopefully I can stick with the plan, and keep up with my blogs for July/August!

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